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Kendall Jenner Lingere Shoot for La Perla of the Day

By Admin / Published on Tuesday, 21 Mar 2017 04:46 AM / No Comments / 11 views

Kendall Jenner just got paid a lot of money, I’m predicting well over a million dollars to be a hooker body for the panty company that may not be Victoria’s Secret, but Kendall already walked for Victoria’s Secret and thus La Perla wants to lock her into some exclusive contract deal to be the panties that cover her rank little exploited cunt…cunt…..

The whole thing is stupid because she’s really not all that hot…but she’s got followers, she pushes product and brands like throwing money at dog shit….as long as it is rich dog shit….that people seem to like because she’s not as vile as her monster sister…because she’s the white one..

Terrible…overproduced, over paid trash…maybe I’m just a traditionalist is my lingerie catalog pics…make them like some 70s sears catalogs or what’s the fucking point….but I guess in the 70s…Sears only had 1,000,000 dollars a year in budget for the lingerie catalog including shipping…and couldn’t afford a Kendall Jenner and her stupid inflated bullshit…so look at us now..the supermodel concept that should have never been….because hot bitches will post naked for free….created this money grubbing troll monster…who just doesn’t seem to die..

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