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Toni Garrn and EMily DiDonato in Bikinis of the Day

By Admin / Published on Monday, 20 Mar 2017 18:46 PM / No Comments / 4 views

I live in a world where everything is so fucking gutter. Girls, even the fancy ones, are shameless self promoting hookers. The exhibitionism…the slutty photoshoots…the playing up the whole “I am a model”…bullshit….is just shoved down our throat…even the fancy rich bitches are Kardashians and rathcet, vile, stripper like…and the strippers and sex workers I hang out with are ratchet, vile, stripper like….and even professional women are ratchet, vile and stripper like…just get some Xanax and Wine in them and next thing you know they are showing you how they twerk…it’s the worst…or the best….but I remember a time when the hot girl was the quiet girl, the turtle neck girl, the tame girl, the shy girl, the girl in her J.Crew Khakis who you’d find out once in the bedroom was a virgin, but really into ANAL…you know….because GOD doesn’t count anal as sex…it’s just masturbating with poop…that’s why the priests are into it…Yes…church girls…who aren’t broken and into fucking their mom’s crucifix…Tennis club girls who aren’t ass spread on social media…you know classic classy class…

So here’s J.Crew porn…featuring some models to tap into that…

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