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The ABCs of Emma and Regina

By Admin / Published on Monday, 20 Mar 2017 05:42 AM / Comments Off on The ABCs of Emma and Regina / 58 views
The ABCs of Emma and Regina

Waiting. These dearies are still waiting for their OTP to become canon.

Although Once Upon a Time’s powerhouse duo, Emma and Regina, have yet to move from BFFs to bonafide lovers, their fandom will never stop rooting for that to happen. In addition to being Henry’s moms (Emma is his biological mother, while Regina is his adoptive mother), both ladies are also busy fending off villains on the regular.

In fact, these days they spend much more time together than apart. When one of them is spiraling down a dark path, the other is more than ready to bring her BFF back to reality. That’s just one of the things that makes #SwanQueen so epic.

To celebrate the Final Four couples, we played a fun game on Twitter and asked each fandom to give us the ABCs of their OTP. We’ve also compiled the best responses for the ABCs of #SwanQueen. Check them out below.

A is for actions speak louder than words.

B is for “But maybe we are.”

C is for caring.

D is for “Don’t Ms. Swan me. . .”

E is for Em-ma.

F is for family.

G is for Granny’s Diner.

H is for Heart-y Eyes.

I is for “I know you.”

J is for jealousy.

K is for Kiss the girl.

L is for Love (in all ways).

M is for moms!

N is for “Not the way you do . . . not the way I do.”

O is for OTP.

P is for parallels.

Q is for quickie?

R is for rainbow magic.

S is for sacrifice.

T is for true love.

U is for “Unique, maybe even special.”

V is for Viva La Swan Queen

W is for Wish you were here.

X is for X-plain why they’re not canon yet.

Y is for “You made me a monster but I won’t let you do the same to Emma.”

Z is for Zimbio Final 4!