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The ABCs of Damon and Bonnie

By Admin / Published on Monday, 20 Mar 2017 02:42 AM / Comments Off on The ABCs of Damon and Bonnie / 44 views
The ABCs of Damon and Bonnie
The CW

Eight years flashed by in the blink of an eye.

Damon and Bonnie fans have held onto their ride-or-die couple from The Vampire Diaries, even though the TV show refused to make them canon. Perhaps, this has ignited an undying passion within the fandom to keep the fantastical romance alive.

Whatever the case, one thing’s for sure: Damon and Bonnie have an unbreakable bond that proves anything is possible. They went from being enemies to BFFs and have even gone to hell and back. Together, there isn’t anything that can stop this dynamic duo.

To celebrate the Final Four couples, we played a fun game on Twitter and asked each fandom to give us the ABCs of their OTP. We’ve also compiled the best responses for the ABCs of #Bamon. Check them out below.

A is for Amazing Woman.

B is for best hug ever!

C is for “Couple Thousand At Most.”

D is for dancing like they’re the only two people on the planet.

E is for eggs.

F is for face (Damon’s sexy face, to be clear).

G is for glasses.

H is for holding onto hope.

I is for “I’m sorry I left.”

J is for journey.

K is for Krystal.

L is for love.

M is for the million times they watched the ‘Bodyguard’ and then decided to recreate it.

N is for “Not exactly.”

O is for the Other side.

P is for perfect partner in crime!

Q is for quality all around.

R is for retroworld!

S is for Somergraham.

T is for Three Seconds.

U is for undercover jokes!

V is for vampcakes (YUM!).

W is for witch.

X is for X-tra chemistry!

Y is for “You’re ridiculous.”

Z is for Zimbio Final 4, second year in a row!