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Jesus Take The Wheel: Pregnant Woman Dies In SWAT Raid, Boyfriend Uses Her As Shield

By Admin / Published on Monday, 20 Mar 2017 21:41 PM / No Comments / 9 views

Man Used Pregnant Girlfriend As Shield In Gun Fight

Alteria Woods’ family has been left devastated and in shock after being told that the 21-year-old was shot and killed by SWAT in a home raid in Gifford, Florida. Woods was killed Sunday morning and her family is getting the same answer about it from law enforcement according to CBS News 12. The woman was apparently used as a shield.

A deputy shot the innocent woman dead, who said they were targeting a “known” drug house. SWAT members went to the house to enforce a drug warrant and deputies say that the father of Woods’ baby started shooting at officers. Alteria Woods was caught in the cross fire of the shoot out. Andrew Coffee IV cowardly was using Alteria as protection during the shoot out. “Today, we mourn the loss of Alteria Woods. My thoughts and prayers go to her family,” said the local Sheriff, Loar, who assured Alteria’s innocence.



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