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Hey Hackers, Prepare for Legal Action When You Leak Rose McGowan’s Nude Photos

By Admin / Published on Monday, 20 Mar 2017 01:43 AM / Comments Off on Hey Hackers, Prepare for Legal Action When You Leak Rose McGowan’s Nude Photos / 38 views

When you mess with Rose McGowan, you get the horns.

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Gossip Cop first reported a recent nude photo hack from Rose McGowan‘s private collection of photos. According to the report, hackers targeted McGowan and allegedly released photos and a sex tape online. The Charmed actress is not to be trifled with, though, and is ready to pursue legal action to its full extent. We know this because Gossip Cop also reported that McGowan stated she would be taking up legal action with the Department of Justice.

Rose McGowan Red Lens Tweet

Rose McGowan Red Lens Tweet

McGowan posted a warning to her Twitter account in the early hours of the morning of Sunday March 19. Along with a photo of herself wearing a sequined mask, only her eyes exposed, McGowan wrote, “Hey little hacker boys, Mama is coming and she hits hard [sic]”. This warning-slash-possible legal move could be the beginning of a major lawsuit which could put an end to repeated waves of attacks on the privacy of female celebrities. It’s also right in line with McGowan’s very publicly avowed feminist practices, further leaving one inclined to believe her heart is in the right place.

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McGowan is not the first nor may she be the last female celebrity to fall victim to hackers wreaking havoc and distributing intimate, private photos and videos for public consumption. Recently, Analeigh Tipton, Amanda Seyfried and Emma Watson have all fallen victim to nude photo leaks. Watson, like McGowan, is promising to take serious legal action against the hackers. While it is wholly unfortunate that these leaks happened, it is great to see that permanent, feminist action is being sought to protect the rights of women.

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Hey hackers, maybe you’ll want to think twice before you leak those nudes. You may end up facing serious consequences.

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