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Discover The Wooden Watch Trend

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Discover The Wooden Watch Trend

Gentlemen who have an interest in fashion will undoubtedly have a love of horological accessories. We all know the top players in the industry, from the top end of the scale Swiss models with automatic movements and guaranteed decades of experience, all the way to the more conservatively priced modern and quirky designed quartz watches. With such a vast library available there is surely nothing else that could surprise you in watch design? That is until you first spot the wrist candy which is the wooden watch. With an oversaturated use of plastics and metals, this novel idea makes a refreshing change. The handful of brands specialising in wood were born from a common ideology, sustainability, and the future safety of our planet. So not only will you be sporting a slick exciting new timepiece, you can also be content in the knowledge that your purchase is supporting the future of our forests for the next generations. Amongst the upcoming wooden watches, there are 3 that standout.

Discover The Wooden Watch Trend


Unequivocally, Jord are at the forefront of wood watch design. They offer a monumental selection of varying wooden materials, from the everyday maple to the more exotic acacia. Face styles are offered in both the typical circular and the more uncommon square shape. Above all, one of the most desirable options is the inclusion of automatic movements (see this Jord watch review) within their top tier pieces, yet for a remarkably affordable price-point. This traditionally premium characteristic also features a semi-open heart design, allowing the wearer to view the mechanical wizardry inside that ensures your watch keeps a perfect time, as well as looking pretty cool to boot.

Discover The Wooden Watch Trend

Original Grain 

Original Grain not only pride themselves on using exotic hardwoods from around the world, but they also collaborate with the non-profit organisation ‘Trees For The Future‘ who are responsible for a huge campaign to plant more trees and crops. Additionally, they pledge to educate prospective farmers on the benefits of non-destructive techniques, thus creating a sustainable future, guaranteeing food and money for themselves and their families in the hope they no longer have to suffer from the spread of poverty. Each of their watches are designed using an amalgamation of wood and various metal type styles ranging from the simple yet striking plain face to the more intricate chronograph. Also, with each watch sold, Original Grain pledges to plant an extra 10 trees.

Discover The Wooden Watch Trend


WeWood are another wooden watch company with a strong background heritage in eco-friendly craftsmanship. This brand has some unique benefits; not only is each watch made from 100% reclaimed and recycled wood (including the packaging) but each piece boasts to be nickel free and hypoallergenic, allowing more wearers the opportunity to wear a wooden watch without fear of any allergy or skin irritation flair up. This Italian born company promises to replant a tree for every watch sold, in fact within the first 3 months of production they planted 5,000 trees, a sure sign of the allure of a wooden watch on your wrist.

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