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The Reason Why Drake Removed Jennifer Lopez From More Life May Be on the Playlist

By Admin / Published on Sunday, 19 Mar 2017 22:44 PM / Comments Off on The Reason Why Drake Removed Jennifer Lopez From More Life May Be on the Playlist / 51 views

Hold onto your hats, friends, because according to Entertainment Tonight, there may be some major clues to why Jennifer Lopez isn’t featured on More Life, Drake’s new playlist. The biggest kicker? Those clues are staring us right in the face: they’re actually on More Life.

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If you can cast your memory back a few weeks, you’ll recall that things ended rather abruptly in the romance department between rumored snuggle buddies Drake and Lopez. The couple formerly known as DraLo was the apple of many a gossipy eye and their subversive Instagrams only fanned the flames that they were indeed an item. Lopez even spoke warmly of Drake, refusing to confirm a romantic relationship but more than happy to discuss the fact that they were working on a song together. It was implied that this song would appear on Drake’s then-upcoming, now-released playlist More Life.

The thing is, March 18 has come and gone, fans have More Life in hand and yet there is absolutely zero traces of Lopez herself on More Life. I mean, Lopez comes up twice but not in person. Drake name checks Lopez on “Free Smoke” (“I drunk text J.Lo / Old number so it bounce back”) and the chorus of “Teenage Fever” is actually the chorus of Lopez’s hit song “If You Had My Love” only it’s sung by someone else.

So what happened to that collaboration? First, I suggest you listen to one of the more uptempo, jazzy tunes off More Life, “Get It Together.”

Drake Get It Together Official Spotify

Drake Get It Together Official Spotify

Sounds good, doesn’t it? It’s hard to resist tapping your toes while listening the smooth melodies of Drake and newcomer Jorja Fox. Now, pause the above version and just take a brief trip back in time to when DraLo was still a thing. This Instagram video once appeared on Lopez’s Instagram and is now preserved for posterity on a fan account. The video shows Lopez and Drake dancing at a prom-themed party. Listen to the music.

DraLo Collab Instagram Evidence

DraLo Collab Instagram Evidence

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Did you catch that? The music playing in the DraLo prom video is “Get Together,” only it’s an earlier version with Drake and Lopez singing together. What the report from Entertainment Tonight is implying is that, immediately following the break-up, Drake may have decided to send a message about his feelings on the matter by bringing in a new singer to collaborate with on “Get It Together.” This meant removing Lopez’s actual vocals but feeling no type of way about leaving a shady reference to her ghosting him on one song and using the chorus from another song for a track.

Drake has yet to confirm why there was a last minute change-up, but the timing is mysterious. That prom Instagram was captured in late December 2016. More Life was released March 2017. That’s a short window but it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility that Drake may have wanted to shade Lopez.

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Your move, J.Lo.

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