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What Your Glasses Say About You

By Admin / Published on Friday, 17 Mar 2017 12:08 PM / No Comments / 27 views

What Your Glasses Say About You

Whether your choice of eyewear is a basic necessity or peculiar statement accessory, here’s what the average person is thinking when they see you in your glasses. Which is your style? Let us know in the comments section below.

What Your Glasses Say About You

The Fitzgerald 

These round metal-rimmed glasses exude an air of intelligence that is hard matched by any other accessory. The simple frames and thin rim makes the round shape and Lennon-esque look of the glasses a little more understated. A man who wears a pair of Fitzgeralds is classic in his style, he has a certain quirkiness that makes him intriguing to those he meets, and his glasses are far nerdier than he’ll ever be, although he always loves a good book.

What Your Glasses Say About You

The Wayfarer 

This classic Ray-Ban style of glasses is just the right balance of nerdy chic and classic cool. The thick dark rims make the wayfarer a statement accessory but the simple squared-off style says ‘this is a man who knows what he looks good in.’ A slightly oversized pair suggest someone with a fun-loving and more creative side and will attract suitors akin to him. While a slightly more fitted pair is indicative of a reserved, gentlemanly character and a man who is best approached in company.

What Your Glasses Say About You

The Fly Boy  

Perhaps the hardest style of glasses to pull off, the fly boy is worn only by the man who knows fashion as well as he knows himself. The ultimate statement of confidence, fly boys ooze a youthful arrogance that can be very alluring. The retro style of the glasses indicates a real sense of style while their modern aesthetic shows that the fly-boy-man knows his Yeezys from his Stan Smiths.

What Your Glasses Say About You

Acetate Rims 

A bold style choice, acetate rims are worn by a modern man who loves to dress well as much as he loves the latest technology and gadgets. A man who rocks acetate rims is forward thinking and confident in trying new things, making him particularly appealing to adventurous suitors. His glasses indicate that he’s not afraid to stand out from the crowd – in fact, he quite likes it!

What Your Glasses Say About You

The Metal-Rimmed Aviator 

The ultimate nod to knowledge of current trends, the metal-rimmed aviators are worn by a man who knows how to sport a retro look while keeping up to speed with trends. These glasses suggest someone who strikes the balance between adventurer and traditionalist. This man likes to enjoy life’s old-school pleasures and probably owns a vinyl collection, but that doesn’t mean he lives in the past, he simply has an appreciation for some of the finer things in life.

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