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Sooo… Gucci is making memes now

By Admin / Published on Friday, 17 Mar 2017 15:46 PM / Comments Off on Sooo… Gucci is making memes now / 40 views


Designers from Comme Des Garçons to Chanel have made emoji packs, but now Gucci is giving us the latest in internet culture / fashion crossovers: Gucci memes. Yup, you read that right – and there’s even an Arthur fist clench in there. 

This isn’t your average collection of dank memes, though. Created as a collaboration between visual artists like Alec Soth,…

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#TFWGucci_ChristtoandAndrew #TFWGucci_AmandaCharchian_1 #TFWGucci_EgeIslekel_2 #TFWGucci_AlecSoth_3 #TFWGucci_PaulinaOlowska_1 #TFWGucci_OlafBreuning_5 
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