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5 Upcoming Wearable Tech Brands

By Admin / Published on Thursday, 16 Mar 2017 12:08 PM / No Comments / 24 views

5 Upcoming Wearable Tech Brands

Define irony: Refused access to a Technology exhibition due to one’s own technical deficiencies in performing the simple task of ‘registering online’. The short, sharp looking brunette refused my entry into the Wearable Technology Show because I had failed to apply ‘online’. It was almost as if they knew that I’m a charlatan when it comes to technology and this was not the place for a man who can’t work out how to sync his own Smart Watch. Eventually, perhaps unbelievably, I was allowed in and set loose amongst the torrent of stands, each seemingly possessing a guy in a virtual headset, wafting and pointing at the thin air in front, laughing impishly.

5 Upcoming Wearable Tech Brands


MYZONE is a chest strap device that tracks every ounce of effort you put into exercise by the beat of your heart. This data is then used in a very simple point system, called MEPS (MYZONE Effort Points), to give users a sense of satisfaction and achievement. It ensures all of your effort is rewarded. The company has over 500,000 users and has made its way out of the gyms and into everyday consumption. The MYZONE system integrates with other technology – it’s able to sync with cardio equipment at the gym, 3rd party smartphone/smartwatch apps, and even able to connect with Apple Health.

5 Upcoming Wearable Tech Brands


Wafting your hand over a device like Alec McGuiness has never felt so gratifying thanks to Kerv, the world’s first contactless payment ring. Now you can leave your wallets, purses, cash, coins and cards at home and still pay for stuff – anywhere that accepts MasterCard contactless payments – no PIN, signature or smartphone required.

5 Upcoming Wearable Tech Brands

Illuminated Apparel 

Illuminated Apparel is an innovative clothing brand based in London. As seen on Dragon’s Den (Deborah Meadon invested though apparently hasn’t stumped up the cash yet), they have invented a bespoke luminescent ink, which is up to 10 times brighter than standard glow luminescent available.  They combining this ink with clothing to create a unique interactive experience. Using the UV keyring included, mobile phone torch light or a laser pen, you can draw onto the glow canvas and watch your design fade slowly.

5 Upcoming Wearable Tech Brands


How about this, insoles with inbuilt GPS tracking that vibrate to tell you which way you need to be heading – directionally of course, not existentially. Lechal’s haptic feedback via simple vibrations gives you detailed route guidance at every turn. It even works offline which means you can wander off with no internet or data connectivity and Lechal will work, always in all ways. Sign me up buttercup, I got lost just trying to find the toilets in this maze.

5 Upcoming Wearable Tech Brands


Things, can only get better! Wait, no that’s D-ream. These guys are much more advanced. The Dreem headband is sort of a sleep conductor for your brain’s orchestra: keeping deep sleep in tempo, and sustained through the night. It uses a metronome ringing at accurate times to remind them when to play. This united symphony means your slow waves stay in the right rhythm and volume throughout the night, ultimately meaning that your brain can fully benefit from the positive effects of sleep.

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