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Alexis Ren in Bikinis of the Day

By Admin / Published on Friday, 17 Feb 2017 15:46 PM / Comments Off on Alexis Ren in Bikinis of the Day / 37 views

Alexis Ren is a scammy instagram model who isn’t that hot, but has a great thin body, is in a bikini and on the beach in great settings, she has a fake boyfriend she is scamming with, who pretends to be all masculine and in love with her, like a romance novel cover, and people buy into the dream, because of their own empty lives, and it’s clever tactics for such young egos trying to find their hook…

She’s part of an old story…Blue Lagoon and she’s Brooke Shields…giving a lot of really depressing people with no taste, no concept of quality, who follow her because she’s living the dream in a bikini – and it makes no sense to me….yet it is happening, she’s making a million a year…off nothing…really nothing…

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